CBRG Digital Marketing Agency’s Story.

January 1, 2023 our founder, Randolph Graham made the decision to convert CBRG Digital Marketing Agency into a One Stop Shop for Digital Marketing Services. Our new focus and mission is to fulfill Social Media, Online Reputation, Display Banners Ads, and Retargeting for Website and Mobile marketing services to the following industries. 

They are local Dentists, Physicians, Home Contractors, Accountants, Lawyers, Automotive, Daycare and Child Care providers, Chiropractors, Information Technology Services, Consultants, Cosmetic Surgery, Credit Services, Fitness, Florist, Restaurants, Food, Salons, Home Based Businesses, Builders, Hotels, Insurance, Real Estate, Jewelers, Landscaper, Mortgage Brokers, Furniture, Personal Trainers, Pest Control, Plumbers, Retail, Service Repair, Spa Services, Software, Swimming Pools, Supplements, Therapies, Training and Consulting, Travel Tutoring, Veterinary, Weight Loss, Window Contractors.

With the constant changes in technologies affecting various markets there continues to be an increase in consumers utilizing their computers and cell phones to take care of life necessities. These trend has not shown a decrease in 10 years and most likely never will for some time to come.  

Local businesses who choose to work with us because they are looking to remain competitive in their markets need assistance with implementing Digital Marketing strategies that works for them 

CBRG Digital Marketing Agency has made investments to ensure it will rank among the top expert in our service area.  

We acquired platforms to enable us to be a One-Stop-Shop once we complete your Digital Marketing Business Analysis. Then we create and deploy a customized strategy for your Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Online Reputation Marketing. We even offer Animated Videos with Human Spoke Persons in them and PPC using Banner Display Retargeting Ads. 

We establish awareness of your brand across Facebook YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Tiktok, and more. We help businesses to continue marketing to what would be lost customers by creating Drip campaign and building email lists. We maintain your website on or near the first page of the search engines through the use and recommendation of white hat SEO techniques for your website and landing pages. We market your 5 star reviews across your website for vistors to see, plus we deploy techniques so you keep getting more of them.